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Gautam Mishra is the founder of inkl - an Australian startup that provides news without clickbait. inkl aims to help busy readers get to important news more quickly and easily by sourcing content from the world’s best news publishers. The company launched its clickbait-free apps in late 2015 and has already signed up users across 172 countries. Gautam has an MBA from The Wharton School in the United States and has previously worked for Fairfax Media and Booz Allen Hamilton.
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older couple on their doorstep hero resized Healthier

Life expectancy is growing

We take a look at the latest health statistics from the World Health Organisation on life expectancy and what it means for us Australians.

Gautam Mishra
Gautam Mishra 22 Aug 16 Wellness
Coffee cups Healthier

Coffee is in the clear but is hot tea the new killer?

Most of us start the day with a coffee but could it be giving us cancer or should we be more worried about that steaming cup of tea instead?

Gautam Mishra
Gautam Mishra 17 Jun 16 Wellness
boxing gloves Healthier

Muhammad Ali - A Champion For Parkinson's Disease

Midway into the year and we can’t help but think that we may remember 2016 as the year some of our heroes fell. Following on from the sad news a few… read more

Gautam Mishra
Gautam Mishra 08 Jun 16 Wellness

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