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Fleur Michell


Fleur Michell has been a journalist for more than 20 years, having written for many of Australia’s leading magazines and websites. She has written numerous articles about pregnancy and parenting, and is a mum to two adorable, rambunctious young kids.
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woman and baby Families

Strategies for sleep-deprived parents

Sleep deprivation is something most new parents go through. But what can you do to keep things from getting out of hand?

Fleur Michell
Fleur Michell 19 Jun 15 Parental health
woman working out Families

The non-celeb guide to loving your post-baby body

Just had a baby? Forget crazy celebrity weight loss tips. Get in shape one sensible and positive step at a time.

Fleur Michell
Fleur Michell 19 Jun 15 Parental health
child holding veges Families

What to do when your child won't eat meat

So your child’s mad for broccoli and wants to eat heaps of veggies. You should be jumping for joy, right? But there’s a catch – they don’t want to… read more

Fleur Michell
Fleur Michell 21 May 15 Raising children
baby bed Families

Parenthood: The relationship builder

Having children can be life-altering and can change your relationships with your family and friends, but often in a positive way. 

Fleur Michell
Fleur Michell 31 Mar 15 Parental health

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