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Elizabeth Pratt is a journalist and blogger based in Sydney. She writes about health, medicine, travel and other lifestyle topics. When she's not working, you'll find her relaxing in her yellow arm chair, reading and dreaming about her next trip overseas. 
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a newborn baby born via episiotomy Families

What is an episiotomy?

We go through what an episiotomy is, why you might need one during childbirth, and how to recover.

Elizabeth Pratt
Elizabeth Pratt 20 Oct 17 Pregnancy
Young Asian woman blowing a dandelion flower and releasing all the pollen Healthier

Hay fever relief

We look at ways to help hay fever suffers such as hay fever medications. 

Elizabeth Pratt
Elizabeth Pratt 30 Aug 17 Wellness
Little girl smelling a flower Healthier

Hay fever survival guide

We look at what hay fever is, what its symptoms are and what causes it, before looking at some ways to help you manage your hay fever. 

Elizabeth Pratt
Elizabeth Pratt 30 Aug 17 Wellness

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