Nicole Highet

Dr Nicole Highet

Dr Nicole Highet is the Founder and Executive Director of COPE: Centre of Perinatal Excellence. 

Nicole has done extensive research with over 1000 women who experienced stress, depression and/or anxiety after having their babies; this research led to the establishment of COPE.
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newborn being held Families

Looking after your emotional health as a new parent

Becoming a parent can be stressful. We look at some common challenges and tips to help you get through this time of great change. 

Dr Nicole Highet
Dr Nicole Highet 13 Oct 15 Parental health
Mums with babies at support group Families

Support for parents with postnatal depression

If you or your partner is experiencing postnatal depression, help and support is out there. We look at a range of options that can assist.

Dr Nicole Highet
Dr Nicole Highet 08 Sep 15 Parental health

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