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Dr Mark Psillakis


Dr Psillakis has a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Sydney University. When he’s not at Bexley Dental, he works as an Executive Clinical Consultant at Dental Corporation (Part of Bupa) where he provides insight on projects ranging from marketing collateral to mobile dental screenings.
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young girl brushing her teeth Healthier

6 biggest mistakes people make when brushing teeth

If you brush your teeth twice a day, for “two minutes”, there’s still a good chance you could be getting it wrong. Bupa Dental’s Executive Clinical… read more

Dr Mark Psillakis
Dr Mark Psillakis 19 Mar 17 Wellness
little boy with toothbrush Families

Five family teeth care tips

It’s all good and well to lead by example when it comes to your family’s oral health. But getting your kids to follow suit can be like pulling teeth. 

Dr Mark Psillakis
Dr Mark Psillakis 05 Aug 15 Raising children
man brushing teeth Healthier

Top tips for taking care of your teeth

Most of us know the basics of oral hygiene. We share some obvious and not-so-obvious tips for looking after your teeth. 

Dr Mark Psillakis
Dr Mark Psillakis 05 Aug 15 Wellness

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