Dr Chris Dalton

Dr Chris Dalton

National Medical Director

Dr Chris Dalton is a Bupa Medical Director and a practising ear, nose and throat surgeon. He has also held positions as head and neck surgeon at Westmead Hospital; Paediatric ENT surgeon at the Children’s Hospital Westmead, and clinical services director at Serco Australia.
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Woman swimming Healthier

Exercises to do when it's hot

When temperatures soar, it might be time to look into alternative fitness ideas.

Dr Chris Dalton
Dr Chris Dalton 03 Feb 17 Be active
vitamins Manage & Recover

Alternative vs conventional treatments for cancer

Self-professed wellness bloggers have come under fire recently for their dubious claims concerning ‘alternative’ treatments for cancer. 

Dr Chris Dalton
Dr Chris Dalton 07 Dec 15 Cancer

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