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Debbie Elkind


Debbie Elkind is a Sydney-based freelance journalist and copywriter who writes about food, health and nutrition. She is a regular contributor to leading websites including Taste, Ninemsn Food and SBS Food and her work has been published in the Sydney Morning Herald and Feast magazine, among others.
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Elderly woman looking at photos Caring

Take a trip down memory lane

If your loved one is in an aged care home, how can you help keep their memories alive? These ideas and activities may help you to remember together. 

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 01 Mar 16 Keep connected
couple walking through bush Manage & Recover

Helping a loved one with diabetes

When a loved one has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes how can you help ease them into a healthier routine?

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 17 Feb 16 Diabetes
person pricking finger Manage & Recover

Six myths about diabetes

Diabetes is a complex condition. We’ve debunked some common myths to help clear things up a bit.

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 16 Feb 16 Diabetes
lady writing Manage & Recover

Diagnosed with pre-diabetes? Here's what you should know

Pre-diabetes is a warning sign you’re at increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. But what can you do to help prevent pre-diabetes from… read more

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 16 Feb 16 Diabetes
pregnant lady holding belly Manage & Recover

What is gestational diabetes?

What is gestational diabetes, can it affect your unborn child, and how can you lower your risk of developing it?

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 11 Feb 16 Diabetes
man pricking finge Manage & Recover

Tips for monitoring blood sugar levels

Here are some tips to help you easily maintain the routine of checking your blood glucose levels regularly.

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 09 Feb 16 Diabetes
older couple hugging Manage & Recover

Intimacy and sex after a stroke

If you or your partner has had a stroke, how do you approach intimacy and sex afterwards? We look at common concerns and provide tips to help.

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 21 Dec 15 Stroke
Elderly choir Caring

Why meaningful activities matter in aged care

When you’re living in an aged care home, meaningful activities can bring you great benefits such as social connection, a sense of purpose and… read more

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 10 Dec 15 Keep connected
lady looking at nutritional facts Healthier

Orthorexia: taking healthy eating to the extreme

We look at the new term 'orthorexia', coined to describe an obsession with certain so-called ‘healthy’ diets, which, in some cases, can lead to… read more

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 13 Oct 15 Healthy eating
Signing paperwork Caring

Navigating the aged-care paperwork maze

Moving into aged care can lead to a maze of paperwork. We discuss some of the key forms you or your loved one will need to fill in, and give you some… read more

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 16 Sep 15 Considering care
Teething toddler sucking on block Families

Teething treatments for tots

We discuss ways to help ease your child’s discomfort when they’re teething. 

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 26 Aug 15 Babies
lady meditating Healthier

A beginner's guide to meditation

Want to start meditating but not sure where to begin? We explore what meditation is, how to get started, and some apps that may help. 

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 24 Aug 15 Wellness
coffee Healthier

Is coffee actually good or bad for you?

The effects of caffeine on the body have been widely researched, so what’s the verdict? This article looks at both sides of the debate. 

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 18 Aug 15 Healthy eating
room service meal Healthier

Heroes and villains of the room service menu

We take a look at some traditional room service menu items and give you the run-down on what to eat, what to avoid – and why.

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 18 Aug 15 Healthy eating
Riley using computer Families

Helping Children With Speech Problems in Rural Australia

We discuss the difficulty of getting help for children’s speech problems in rural Australia, and how technology is helping bridge the gap.

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 05 Aug 15 Raising children
Older couple holding hands Caring

Loving Senior Couple Moves to Aged Care Home

Moving into aged care doesn’t have to mean being separated from your partner as the Eddy family's experience shows.

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 05 Aug 15 Considering care
lady with dental floss Healthier

No excuses: Tips to get you flossing

This article looks at 2 common excuses we use not to floss and suggests tips to help get you in the habit.

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 05 Aug 15 Wellness
little boy brushing his teeth Families

Five ways to help make teeth-brushing fun

Find out why it’s important to teach your children to brush their teeth from a young age, and read our tips on how to make teeth-brushing fun!

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 05 Aug 15 Raising children
boys in a scrum Families

Guide to Mouthguards for Your Kids

We look at why (and when) it’s important for your child to wear a mouthguard, and provide an overview of mouthguard options.

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 05 Aug 15 Raising children
boy at dentist Families

How to avoid dental phobia

Fear of the dentist can start from a young age and last a life time. Here are some tips and tricks to help make your child’s visit to the dentist a… read more

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 05 Aug 15 Raising children
woman relaxing Healthier

Quick tips to help you relax

Wondering how to cope with stress? Why not try some of these quick relaxation techniques?

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 29 Jul 15 Mental Health
colourful bras Manage & Recover

How to choose a bra after a mastectomy

A look at the practical and emotional challenges of choosing a bra after mastectomy surgery.

Debbie Elkind
Debbie Elkind 01 Apr 15 Emotional issues

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