Debbie Duncan

Debbie Duncan


Debbie Duncan is a Sydney-based freelance journalist – a writer and a sub-editor – who specialises in health issues, translating complex subjects for a broad audience. 
She first ventured into publishing as a book editor, where she gained considerable expertise in legal publishing and academic textbooks. After returning from a stint overseas she worked at Belle magazine and moved to Good Health magazine two years later, where her love affair with all things health began. She has been at Good Health for 18 years and is still enjoying every moment.
When she’s not helping her children with homework or walking her dogs, Debbie works from home and contributes regularly to a number of online publications.
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Articles by Debbie

baby asleep in pram Families

Exercise after pregnancy

So some supermodels are back on the catwalk five minutes after giving birth, well that’s lovely for them, but for most of us it’s not particularly… read more

Debbie Duncan
Debbie Duncan 18 Aug 16 Pregnancy
lady eating donut Healthier

Why we eat when we're not hungry

From dehydration to low blood sugar, we uncover some of the reasons you may eat when you’re not hungry. 

Debbie Duncan
Debbie Duncan 23 Jul 16 Healthy eating
young woman using headphones Healthier

Time to turndown the music

Does listening to music through headphones increase the risk you’ll  damage your hearing?

Debbie Duncan
Debbie Duncan 23 Jul 16 Wellness
pregnant lady exercising Families

How to work out safely in pregnancy and beyond

Has your exercise routine come to a halt because you’re pregnant or nursing a newborn? Here are some activities to help you get back on track.

Debbie Duncan
Debbie Duncan 19 Jul 16 Pregnancy

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