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Carol Kilkenny

Health writer

Carol Kilkenny has 20 years experience in medical research and writing health and medical information for consumers and healthcare professionals. She is passionate about helping people to play an active part in their own health care.
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Spotting the signs of skin cancer

We hear a lot about Melanoma, the most deadly skin cancer, but there are other far more common types many of us know little about.

Carol Kilkenny
Carol Kilkenny 21 Mar 16 Cancer
rubber gloves and brushes Healthier

Is your home making you sick?

Ever wondered how clean your home really is? We dish the dirt on the germiest places in your home and provide tips on how to avoid breeding bacteria. 

Carol Kilkenny
Carol Kilkenny 26 Oct 15 Wellness
Couple hugging Manage & Recover

Coronary heart disease

What is coronary heart disease, what causes it and how is your heart affected?

Carol Kilkenny
Carol Kilkenny 20 Jul 15 Heart health
Carer supporting older man Manage & Recover

Coronary heart disease treatment

If you have coronary heart disease , there are a range of treatments your doctor might suggest to manage your condition.

Carol Kilkenny
Carol Kilkenny 06 Jul 15 Heart health
Man and woman sitting outside Manage & Recover

Coronary heart disease: symptoms and diagnosis

Many people don't know they have coronary heart disease until they experience some symptoms such as angina or a heart attack.

Carol Kilkenny
Carol Kilkenny 06 Jul 15 Heart health
Older woman talking to doctor Manage & Recover

Am I at risk of coronary heart disease?

There is no single cause of coronary heart disease but the good news is you can prevent it.

Carol Kilkenny
Carol Kilkenny 02 Jul 15 Heart health
man sick in bed Healthier

Man flu and other cold and flu myths busted

Does man flu exist?  If you go out with wet hair can you catch a cold? Does the flu vaccine give you the flu? We bust 5 common cold and flu myths. 

Carol Kilkenny
Carol Kilkenny 14 Jun 15 Wellness
people relaxing Healthier

LOL: The benefits of having a good giggle

We all know it feels good to laugh – but laughter might also be good for your wellbeing. 

Carol Kilkenny
Carol Kilkenny 04 Jun 15 Mental Health
Man with chest pain Manage & Recover

Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack

The key signs of a heart attack and what to do if you think you are having one. 

Carol Kilkenny
Carol Kilkenny 10 Apr 15 Heart health
Kids jumping off pier Families

Helping your kids prepare for a sports event

Sports events are a great way to encourage your kids to exercise. Here's how to help them prepare and join in on the fun as well.

Carol Kilkenny
Carol Kilkenny 08 Apr 15 Raising children

Workouts for the over-worked: How to fit a workout into a busy routine

Our top tips to help you squeeze a regular workout in to your busy life.

Carol Kilkenny
Carol Kilkenny 02 Apr 15 Be active
runners tying couple Healthier

Your best foot forward: How to choose runners

In need of a new pair of runners but overwhelmed by choice? Here's what you need to consider when making that all-important purchase. 

Carol Kilkenny
Carol Kilkenny 31 Mar 15 Be active
pregnant yoga Families

The pregnant woman's guide to exercise

Being pregnant shouldn’t mean missing out on physical activity. We give you our top exercise tips to help keep mum and baby safe.

Carol Kilkenny
Carol Kilkenny 31 Mar 15 Pregnancy
parents holding hands Families

Preparing for parenthood

We give you six tips to help you mentally prepare for becoming a parent.

Carol Kilkenny
Carol Kilkenny 31 Mar 15 Pregnancy

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