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Caitlin Wright

Online editor and writer

Caitlin Wright is a Sydney based online editor and writer. She is an online editor, writer and dedicated leaf tea drinker. She has worked in Sydney and London for organisations such as Yahoo, Skype and SheSaid. She loves getting lost while travelling, chilling out at yoga and going cycling around Sydney with her young family.
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Father and son reading Families

Tips for ditching the dummy

In the early sleep deprived newborn days a dummy can be a godsend for helping an unsettled baby go to sleep. However, as your baby grows into a… read more

Caitlin Wright
Caitlin Wright 06 Dec 16 Raising children
mother looking at empty cot hero resized Families

How to support someone who has lost a baby in pregnancy

Sadly, with one in four confirmed pregnancies ending in miscarriage, and one in 120 babies stillborn, you or someone you know has probably gone… read more

Caitlin Wright
Caitlin Wright 18 Aug 16 Pregnancy
toddler sitting down with bag Families

Tips for travelling with a toddler

If travelling and seeing the world is one of your passions, you probably won’t want to stop when you have kids. Toddlers thrive on the routine and… read more

Caitlin Wright
Caitlin Wright 10 Nov 15 Raising children
child screaming holding onto fence Families

How to deal with toddler tantrums lovingly

You’ve probably heard of the dreaded ‘terrible twos’… Dealing with tantrums can be one of the most challenging aspects of parenting a toddler.… read more

Caitlin Wright
Caitlin Wright 09 Nov 15 Raising children
newborn sleeping Families

Baby sleep: five secret tips

“How’s your baby sleeping?” Is often the number one question new parents get asked. For most of us, getting a baby to sleep can be hard. Really hard.… read more

Caitlin Wright
Caitlin Wright 09 Nov 15 Babies

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