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Bonnie Bayley


Bonnie Bayley is an award-winning freelance journalist who specialises in health and wellbeing. Before going freelance, she worked on the editorial teams of magazines such as Prevention, Good Health and Weight Watchers. Bonnie is pretty certain that she has the best job in the world: she gets to research and road-test clever ways to make life happier and healthier, speak to leading experts, hear the stories of awe-inspiring 'everyday' people, and write to her heart’s content in in her comfy home office (with two cat colleagues) for a living. Her current health obsessions include barre workouts, chia puddings and time in nature.
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Sushi Japanese food Families

Around the world in 10 kids meals

Yes, young palates can be adventurous too – take a little inspiration from what other cultures feed their kids. 

Bonnie Bayley
Bonnie Bayley 27 Jul 16 Raising children
little boy watching tv Families

The Digital Bub: Should babies be allowed screen time?

The new generation of babies are growing up as digital natives, but is it OK for them to have screen time and if so how much?

Bonnie Bayley
Bonnie Bayley 23 Jul 16 Raising children
Vegetables Healthier

Flexitarian: Rise of the part-time vego

Does full-time vegetarianism seem like too much of a change? You can still get some of the benefits of a plant-based diet with a part-time approach. 

Bonnie Bayley
Bonnie Bayley 23 Jun 16 Healthy eating

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