Food, farming and family; a recipe for success

From the city to the country, Matt Moran has never lost his roots, or forgotten how his dad helped him succeed.

It’s a connection with food; from the family farm to his famous restaurants that’s cemented an already close bond between Matt Moran and his father Jim.

“I think we’ve got closer and closer as we’ve gone on,” says Matt.
On a personal level, they’re an incredibly tight family, with old fashioned values of working hard, determination, generosity and respect. But professionally they’re partners too.

 “We have a strong connection with food and produce and farming, dad likes to produce it and I like to cook it.”

 “Dad at this point in life wants to produce the best lamb and I want to cook the best lamb so it’s a good connection.”
Matt Moran’s obsession with farm fresh food is inspired by life growing up on both a dairy farm and a sheep farm.

“You grew up eating your own produce; killing your own meat and eating your own vegetables.” says Matt.

“How privileged we are eating our own produce,” he says. “You know the story behind it or the romance behind it, so it’s always going to be better.”
Matt Moran and his dad cooking
It was this passion, coupled with the unwavering support of his father that helped him secure his first apprenticeship at 15.

Jim didn’t want his son catching a train home to Seven Hills in Sydney’s West at midnight. So six days a week, in the middle of the night, Jim picked him up.

 “That’ a big commitment and that was for a couple of years. Without that I wouldn’t have been able to do that job, no question.”
Despite a busy city life running restaurants, appearing on TV shows and writing books, Matt and his dad speak on the phone at least once a week.

Every chance he gets Matt takes his family to the farm to spend time with Jim.

“They love their grandfather, they love going to the farm. It’s exciting for them they’re city kids.”

 “I’m more relaxed on the farm than anywhere else,” Matt says.Of all of Matt Moran’s accomplishments, it’s the person he’s become that makes Jim the proudest.

“He is a really good family man, and he’s been so successful. You don’t see that level of success very often and you’d have to be proud of that, and I am.”
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