5 signs you may be overdoing it and what to do about it

While having a full life is not something to be shunned, having an overfull life is something that may cause you to burn out in the long run. Here are five signs you may be overdoing it, and some tips as to what you can do about it.

1. Constantly tired

If you’re spending your days feeling constantly drained, then perhaps your tank is running on empty. Often, when we have so much going on, our brains prevent us from sleeping, or we have a very restless sleep, even though we’re exhausted. As a result, we can become physically, emotionally and mentally drained.

Scheduling self-care into your busy regime and taking time out for you may help restore those energy levels. Take a rest, read a book, have a gentle workout and give your mind and body time to recharge. Give yourself a few nights at home and switch off from technology to ensure some good-quality rest.

2. Feeling edgy and stressed

While a small amount of stress may help us perform at our peak, too much stress can result in quite the opposite. When these feelings overwhelm you, they can cause an array of issues ranging from muscle tension, headaches and sleeplessness.

Recognising when your stress has moved from a healthy level to an unhealthy level is very important in keeping the balance. Finding a meditation class or using a meditation or relaxation app may help. Exercise can also be helpful.

A woman stretching at the beach prior to her workout

3. Lack of focus

Sometimes when we have too much going on we find it difficult to focus on any one single thing. If you’re thinking about everything else you need to be doing while trying to complete a task, you're possibly under performing rather than performing at your peak.

Consider writing a list so you have everything right in front of you, and working out what is a priority, what can be delegated, and what can be left until later. Then, with this peace of mind, try to think only about the task at hand and know that the rest will be taken care of.

4. Floods of tears

Waterworks can be a sign that we are cracking under pressure. Although not everyone succumbs to tears, the feelings of frustration, sadness and fear may still be bubbling below the surface.

Although a good cry may alleviate some of the built up pressure, it can be a sign that you need to reassess your load and see what you can shuffle to either the back burner or the bin. If the tears become a regular thing and it's out of character for you, you may need to seek professional help and get some support.

5. Unusual change in appetite

Some people find themselves eating more in times of pressure, whilst others find their appetite dwindles. Whether you find yourself reaching for the doughnuts, or pushing your plate away, you need to remember that what you put into your mouth is what fuels your machine. In times of stress, more than ever, a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and high-quality protein and fibre, will help ensure you are performing at optimum levels.

If your appetite has left the building, consider protein shakes, or regular small snacks in order to keep your strength up. If you’re calorie stacking for comfort, ditch the processed, high fat, high sugar options and keep snacks like fruit, trail mix, a small packet of unsalted nuts and low-fat yogurt at hand.

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