Trudie McConnochie

Trudie McConnochie


Trudie McConnochie is a Sydney-based journalist who specialises in health, wellbeing and spirituality.
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Two mums are drinking orange juice out of champagne glasses Families

Alcohol and breastfeeding: What you need to know

After months of abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy, it’s natural to feel like a glass of bubbles is deserved, so let’s sort fact from fiction… read more

Trudie McConnochie
Trudie McConnochie 27 Jul 17 Babies
Baby touching his pregnant mum's belly Families

Can I have a vaginal birth after a caesarean?

Just because you had your first baby by caesarean, doesn’t necessarily mean all of your babies have to arrive the same way. Let’s explore whether you… read more

Trudie McConnochie
Trudie McConnochie 22 Jul 17 Pregnancy

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