Taryn Lewis

Taryn Lewis

Bupa dietitian

An accredited practising dietitian, Taryn Lewis works at Bupa as a dietitian for the COACH program, where she helps members reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. She joined Bupa after completing a Nutrition and Dietetics degree at Deakin University. Taryn is always trying to find new ways to stay fit and healthy, making sure she incorporates good nutrition and physical activity in her day-to-day routine. She is working towards being able to run for longer and faster.

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muesli Healthier

Muesli recipe

We have been told for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But if you're bored of cereal or toast why not try this healthy… read more

Taryn Lewis
Taryn Lewis 15 Feb 16 Healthy eating
woman with a cupcake and salad Manage & Recover

Food swaps for a healthier heart 

You can support your heart’s health by eating a balanced diet. Here are some simple food swaps to get you started. 

Taryn Lewis
Taryn Lewis 16 Jun 15 Heart health

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