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Gabe Mcgrath is a freelancer whose work has been published in Jetstar magazine, EssentialKids.com.au, Australian Author, Crikey.com.au, My Child magazine (Aus), Retro Gamer (UK), Wired.co.uk and Huggies.com.au. 

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dad with baby at change table Families

Becoming a dad: the importance of being present

No matter where you are in your 'journey' to become a dad, don't underestimate the positive impact you can have on your partner and child. 

Gabe McGrath
Gabe McGrath 27 Dec 15 Pregnancy
Dad kissing his baby on the sofa Families

First time dads: importance of bonding with your baby

Becoming a new dad can be a steep learning curve, but it's really important to get your hands dirty and develop a close bond with your baby. Here's… read more

Gabe McGrath
Gabe McGrath 27 Dec 15 Babies
a tired dad holding his baby Families

Baby Sleep: four ways to cope with lack of sleep 

You can’t truly understand the impact of sleep deprivation until you’re living through it, and man-to-man: it can be brutal. Here are some tips to… read more

Gabe McGrath
Gabe McGrath 27 Dec 15 Babies

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