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Beth MacDonald


Beth began BabyMac in 2006 as a means of keeping in touch with her two interstate sisters and it took a whole new turn when she moved her family from urban Sydney to the beautiful countryside of the Southern Highlands. 

She is a mother of three, aged 7, 4 and a beautiful newborn baby. BabyMac incorporates the serene and peaceful country living with the joys of raising a family. 

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Baby and board game Families

Easy tips to throw the perfect family games night

Baby Mac shares her tips on how to throw a family games night everyone will enjoy.

Beth MacDonald
Beth MacDonald 16 Jan 17 Raising children
Couple holding hands on a walk Families

Remember me? The importance of 'date' time away from your kids

With Valentine’s Day on the way, busy mother and blogger Beth MacDonald shares her tips on keeping the romance alive all year round.

Beth MacDonald
Beth MacDonald 16 Jan 17 Parental health
Children gardening Families

The 1 (!) simple way to take 10 & reconnect with your family

For many of us, spending more time with family is high on our priority list. Baby Mac shares one easy tip that might help you reconnect with your… read more

Beth MacDonald
Beth MacDonald 16 Jan 17 Raising children
Hand-written recipe Caring

Stay connected with family 'Greats' through food

Beth from BabyMac shares how she stays connected to the Greats in her family through food. 

Beth MacDonald
Beth MacDonald 16 Oct 15 Keep connected

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