Young love in aged care

Forget online dating, two loved up seniors discovered the best place to find romance was in a Bupa aged care dining hall. read more

Christie Cooper
Christie Cooper 20 October 16 Keep connected

Is there a 'terrible twos'?

Having had twins who sailed through their twos without much of a challenge, I was convinced there was no such thing as the ‘terrible twos’. Then my youngest entered this stage, and forced me to re-think. read more

Chris Pavey
Chris Pavey 30 March 17 Raising children

The confronting truth about food wastage

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of your bin is filled with wasted food? Our dietitian Rosalyn D’Angelo suggests a few easy life hacks which could help your hip pocket, and the planet. read more

Rosalyn D'Angelo
Rosalyn D'Angelo 13 February 17 Healthy eating

Five apps to help you manage diabetes

Wish everything that you need to keep on top of your diabetes could be at your fingertips? It turns out there’s more than one app for that. read more

Susan Martin
Susan Martin 22 December 16 Diabetes
  1. Young love in aged care
  2. Is there a 'terrible twos'?
  3. The confronting truth about food wastage
  4. Five apps to help you manage diabetes

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If you’re getting older or caring for an ageing loved one, Caring provides advice to help you stay at home longer, make informed decisions about care, be happy, engaged and socially active.

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BJ enjoying the waves with his dad and his beach wheelchair Caring

Our NDIS plan: what I've learnt about tackling the first planning meeting

Julie Jones, author of “Have Wheelchair Will Travel” has recently taken the leap of faith entering into the NDIS to gain extra support for her son… read more

Julie Jones
Julie Jones 09 Apr 17 Stay independent
man in wheelchair eligible for the ndis Caring

What is the NDIS and who is eligible?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can be confusing but it’s also an exciting opportunity for many people to receive support which they… read more

Christie Cooper
Christie Cooper 06 Apr 17 Stay independent
Kristy Trajcevski with her carer Caring

Life with cerebral palsy and the drive to make a difference

Kristy Trajcevski opens up about what it’s like to live in her uncooperative body. The 35-year-old with cerebral palsy is now working to give choice… read more

Kristy Trajcevski
Kristy Trajcevski 01 Mar 17 Keep connected


From pregnancy to birth, babies and beyond, Families provides helpful information and resources to help you raise healthier, happier children.

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image remembering deceased pets Families

Helping toddlers (and you!) cope with the loss of a pet

With the recent death of our much-loved family pet bird, I was in uncharted territory with my three toddlers, and needed some help. Clinical… read more

Chris Pavey
Chris Pavey 26 May 17 Raising children
Parent practising attachment parenting Families

What is attachment parenting?

Ever wondered what attachment parenting is and whether you should be trying it with your bub? We investigate.

Danielle Colley
Danielle Colley 09 May 17 Babies
parents looking at newborn Families

How to be the best parent

Some of us wonder how to be a good parent or even how to be the best parent. What does that mean? Chantelle shares her quest on how to be a better… read more

Chantelle Ellem
Chantelle Ellem 09 May 17 Parental health


If you’re committed to improving your health, Healthier has the information, inspiration and advice to help you reach your goals.

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woman working out at home Healthier

At home winter workout

Keep your body moving and active this winter with this quick and dynamic at home workout you can do in your lounge room. 

Danielle Colley
Danielle Colley 26 May 17 Be active
young girl brushing her teeth Healthier

6 biggest mistakes people make when brushing teeth

If you brush your teeth twice a day, for “two minutes”, there’s still a good chance you could be getting it wrong. Bupa Dental’s Executive Clinical… read more

Dr Mark Psillakis
Dr Mark Psillakis 19 Mar 17 Wellness
Daughter helping mother with laundry Healthier

How to help someone who has recently been discharged from hospital

Recovering from a stay in hospital can feel a whole lot more manageable when you’ve got a good support network around you. Here are a few ways you… read more

Madeline Graham
Madeline Graham 27 Feb 17 Wellness

Manage & Recover

Manage & Recover provides information and support to help you or a loved one with a heart condition, cancer or diabetes.

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older lady resting on couch Manage & Recover

If I had to do chemo again

Breast cancer thriver Jenni Eyles takes us back through her chemotherapy journey, and shares her eight top tips on how to cope with chemo, and how to… read more

Jenni Eyles
Jenni Eyles 02 May 17 Cancer
woman dressing after cancer treatments Manage & Recover

How to love and style your body after cancer

Breast cancer thriver Jenni Eyles helps women learn to love their new bodies after surgery or cancer treatment, and shares her styling tips to help… read more

Jenni Eyles
Jenni Eyles 02 May 17 Cancer
mother and daughters talking about breast health Manage & Recover

The conversation every woman should have with their daughters

Research by the McGrath Foundation has found that less than a quarter of all women surveyed had had a conversation with their mothers about their… read more

Christie Cooper
Christie Cooper 02 May 17 Cancer

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